My name is Star and  I came into the Bunny Comic series a few months after it had been created, quickly becoming an invaluable, integral member. Until I came along, the strip wasn't going anywhere.  I brought in the business ideas and gave it direction.  I am an entepreneur!   Met Rick 'round downtown Wall Steet area and after we got to talking over libations, he invited me home to see if I could help the ailing Bunny Comic Series; introduced me to Bunny who became not only my best friend and more - but also my business partner! Our office is located in The Ice-Box Cake Building - perhaps you've heard of it?  I remain completely devoted to Bunny - no matter what it takes.  At first, I tried to keep my past a secret, but when an astute nephew of the creator's remarked that I was the "mouse-like" character, I had to come clean.  Yes, I am a mouse-ephant. Tossed out of the herd because of the shame and raised by the Chai'Pache tribe - where I learned to talk in signs.  Signs are clean, clear and to the point.   They are original which is important when you are trying to compete in the cartoon world.  Right now I am involved in Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel  which is going to be big - I mean really big.  Meeting you has been a pleasure.
Sincerely, Star-no-Stripe (my full tribal name).

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