Rick (aka "The Bunky Boo!")

First, let me say one thing: don't believe anything Bunny says.  Bunny is a con artist.  An annoying, pushy-shovey, conniving pest.  Think Ruth Gordon in the movie Rosemary's Baby and you'll get the picture. (Yes, I think that Bunny could be that old.)  Not that Bunny is evil - it's just a perfect description.  And while we're on the subject, you can't really believe anything that Star says either - Star has a way of really stretching the truth.  Half elephant, half mouse?  Are you serious?  Raised by Chai'Paches?  Every character in this series has an unbelievably ridiculous ego and the lying gene.  What's my role in all this, you ask?  Oh, I get to pay for it all - the financing. Yes, I'm Rick - the one who gets to really work for a living.  And I did write up the papers protecting these cartoon idiots from drugstore abuse. (Oh, yes, did I mention that Bunny and Star are really just drugstore runaways?)  And why do I let them call me the Bunky Boo or worse - The King of The Bunky Boos?  Why do I put up with all this?  Do you have any idea how much money my wife can spend in one hour in Saks? The more time she spends creating this series, the less she spends shopping. And, I like Star and actually it's not a bad cartoon series, and the Christmas cards are really good.   I help with the story lines. In fact, I've given them their best leads.  One thing that mystifies me is the relationship between Star and Bunny - Star would take a bullet for Bunny.  The reason for that is explained in the big cartoon novel they're all working on - when they're not clowning around...(Ok, I admit it - I kind of like Bunny, too.)
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