(On a more serious note...)


by D.E Smith
copyright 2011

Marta Bohn Meyer was one of the elite few to fly in one of NASA's triple-sonic SR-71s.  She was a NASA engineer and world-class competition pilot. She received many awards and had a brilliant career, until her tragic, untimely death in 2005.  She was also my childhood best friend.  I was there to watch her solo flight on her sixteenth birthday when she was becoming a pilot.  This chapter is one of a three-part biography in the works, celebrating Marta's life and career. It details her younger years and our friendship and that special birthday. Click on Marta's picture for a sneak preview of "Marta's Chapter".
by D.E.Smith
copyright 2011

BUNNY'S GREAT AMERICAN CARTOON NOVEL!  Yes, its finally here - in the works!  This is a huge, three-part, brilliantly colored epic, filled with adventure, sharp wit and of course, our favorite Bunny characters! ...And, intoducing new favorites, including the "top-secret" character - so fantastically original - destined to become legendarily iconic!  Click on Bunny picture for cartoon excerpt (and look for future excerpts periodically!) Click on synopsis for more information!

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