The Snowy Egret and "The Buttercups"

"Let me go first, no, no - let me talk - let me go first! "
 "Simmer down, simmer down, Buttercups, I will talk for all of us... As official keeper of the Buttercup Field it is only right that I tell our story."
 "Don't forget to mention how we're brilliantly yellow and how in Bunny's Novel we get to go to..."
"ENOUGH, Buttercups! You are giving away critical parts of the storyline in Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel!
  You chatter on too much! "  

Folks - can you see what a job it is taking care of this field with these lunatic but delightful Buttercups?  Please -  call me Frank...  I'm the Snowy Egret, once hunted to make fancy hats from my feathers; now protected by environmental law. As I said,  I am the official keeper of the Buttercup Field and it's a magical place - the only field left in Highland Beach, Florida, that hasn't had a condo plopped on it.  The creator likes to come here when she's in town; so much so, that we became part of the cartoon series. The Buttercups and I have had many a picnic with Star and Bunny.  The Cartoon Novel? Oh, yes -  we are in it, MAJOR ROLE!  If you haven't been to the Buttercup Field you really should make a point of going - its magnificent!

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