by D.E.Smith (copyright 2011)
What happens when your cartoon strip is being rejected left and right and you're in jeopardy of being completely eliminated?  Do you stay home and work on new ideas, or venture out into the unknown, breaking all the rules?  What would you do if you were Bunny?  Would you steal, I mean, borrow a vehicle and take off - or stay behind and water the plants?  
 This epic novel, intertwined with adventure, acerbic wit, and fantastical magic is in THREE PARTS...  And, it is rumored to be a true legend! 
Watch bookshelves and kitchen drawers  come to life as the story takes us traveling through-out the world and the universe, meeting new and unique characters along the way, with our friends, Bunny and Star!  All done in brilliant color and of course, there's a BIG PARTY...  Everyone is invited!

 Soooo,  ready for Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel?!!!

 Click on PART I  below for the first installment of pp. V - 16...  Then, click on either
the image or the following page number to continue.  Click on any previous chapter to
review.  Use the (back) tool to go back one page.

 Remember, one can always refer to the Characters Page and the Character Web at anytime to explain  who
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(Second installment of pp. 17- 30 to follow in due time)
(Third installment of pp. 31 - 51 also to follow to complete PART I )

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