Before we go any further, let me just say this: don't believe anything that Rick says about me.  He's just jealous of me and if you ask me, really ungrateful, as I was nice enough to let him be financier of this cartoon...  Really, you know how it is - everybody always has a problem with the boss.  Contrary to what everyone seems to think about me, I am very humble and modest, and I won't even mention that I have spent more than a little time in Monte Carlo where I have many, many friends, and that I did run the entire East Coast Easter Corporation where I was a risen star until my unfortunate firing.  Said I had an attitude. I said, "Why don't you look in the mirror?" Soooo, yes,  I was in the drugstore when Peroxide Head bought me and I was on a half- price shelf - but I was undercover, doing research; planning my comeback.  Selflessly, I gave it all up to move into the Smith household, where I help the creator, "Bleach Head" (who has inhaled so much peroxide to the point of delusion), with her failing writing career.  I could tell she was a mess and I quickly got her in shape and working.  I put her on my "easy diet" which, by the way, is detailed in The Hunter. Then Star came into the mix (talk about a fledgling...),and if anyone needed direction,...  Soooo, I graciously went into business with Star, too, and we now have our own consulting company.  Peroxide Head finally got some work published and our annual Xmas Card list is the one everyone wants to be on and, AHEM, perhaps you've gotten wind of Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel?  It's all right here, all over the place and YOU are going to want to read all of that!  Soooo... Enough about me.  Check out all the other characters and fables and please, relax, take your time and have fun in MY website - you are most welcome here!

Loyalty to the end - Bunny E Rabbit.

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