It is said that when you are nine years old, whatever you are most passionate about at that time is what you should do in life. At that age, D.E.Smith was writing little fables and coloring with crayons. Thus, while completing the obligatory "making-a-living" job as a "responsible" adult, D.E.Smith moonlighted as a freelance writer, starting with an essay in the Sun Sentinel newspaper magazine. Finally giving in to the childhood calling, Smith began capturing the Bunny epic as a written novel. The Siren Song of the Crayolas soon consumed the writer, leading to the realization that the cartoon, or graphic novel, was the ultimate medium for the presentation of the kaleidoscopic, sometimes chaotic lives of the Bunny characters.

Inspired by a 5-inch, $3 stuffed rabbit, D.E.Smith infuses all the Bunny characters with the best and most endearing qualities of the most loved and admired people of a lifetime, placed in settings and adventures inspired by personal and imaginary experiences. The cartoonist's greatest hope is to create a colorful, happy place to which people of all ages may escape.  

D.E.Smith's credentials include:

 - Guest lecturer at Temple Shaaray Teflia in New York City
 - Published cartoonist in The Funny Paper and The Storyteller Magazine
 - Aspiring New Yorker Magazine cartoonist
 - Creator of  Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel

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