The Barefoot Mailman
In case you are not familiar with the history and lore of the old state of Florida you may not know who I am. Or was, I should say, actually... My name is Ed Hamilton and I'm a real ghost! I was one of an elite fleet of postmen who delivered the mail by foot, or boat.  Over land and sea - before the rails and highways were completed in the young state.  I am famous because in 1888, I disappeared near Hillsboro Inlet and it remains a mystery to this day as to how or why.  Did a 'gator get me, did I drown - or was I killed by a jealous husband?  Even I don't know for sure because whatever or whoever got me, got me when my back was turned. That would account for my appearing a little nervous and uneasy when you see me in the Bunny Comic Strip.  Yes, I am famous - books written, restaurants and hotels are named for me and even a movie about my life! And there's this bronze statue erected of me that rests beside Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach Florida - immortalizing me for evermore.  Why, I've even been in a New Yorker Cartoon!  How many can say that?  I've also been a part of Bunny's cartoon from the beginning - in the fables and strips ... Yup, I show up to make special deliveries and invites, and I have a BIG, pivotal role in Bunny's Great American Cartoon Novel.  So, when I appear - you can bet a special message is being delivered!