The Angel

Here I am, the Little Angel - you know, the one that's up in the clouds...  I just happen to be Bunny's guardian angel!  Yes, even Bunny has a guardian angel.  Unfortunately, I have to look after all the other characters, too, which I don't really mind - except for that Bleach-head who writes the series and draws me fat as a cow! Be realistic, could I  stay afloat looking like this?  Sure, I watch over and protect everybody's flights and oversea travels; where would they be without me - who would keep them safe?   When the creator was little and on an airplane for the first time her mother said,

 "Oh look, look over there at that cloud; there's an angel, playing her harp!!!"

But, she missed me, because I flit around so fast.  And she has never since gotten over it.  I am very nimble and graceful and you'll find out why in Bunny's new novel...

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