Thanks!  Really thanks!  To anyone and everyone who takes the time to visit my website and passes it on to someone they think might enjoy it!

This website would not have been possible without the complete support of my husband Rick who has always encouraged me and believed that I could actually accomplish something - that was the key that needed turning.

I also want to thank Regina Williams, the wonderful editor at The Storyteller Magazine who gives so many aspiring writers the chance to see their work in print and guidance in pursuit of their endeavors.

Mostly, though, I have to thank Ilsa Bohn, genius web master who taught me how to build this site.  Her incredible patience and generosity, the tireless hours she put into it and put up with me... and to Mrs. Ruth Bohn - for letting us hatch this in your home in New Hamphire; making sure we ate, watching over us just like you did when we were kids.  It is love that weaves this website making all the work more than worth it!  Lets drink some absinthe!

I dedicate this site to my parents, gone, but always here - Albert and Mary Boyar.

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